Do you promote product or service on your website as an affiliate? If yes, then you need to compulsorily add FTC compliant affiliate disclosure page or affiliate disclosure notice banner to your site. Our free affiliate disclosure generator tool below helps you create FTC compliant affiliate disclosure and amazon associates disclosure within seconds.

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What is Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate disclosures are typically used to inform readers or consumers that a particular link, recommendation, or product may result in the author or website owner earning a commission or referral fee if the reader makes a purchase through that link.

What is Affiliate Disclosure Generator

Affiliate Disclosure is an essential tool for website owners, bloggers, and affiliate marketers if they are promoting any products they are affiliated with. Maintaining transparency in affiliate marketing is not just a legal requirement but also an ethical practice. With our Free Affiliate Disclosure Generator, you can effortlessly generate FTC-compliant affiliate marketing disclosure to enhance trust with your audience.

Why use our Affiliate Disclosure Generator

  • Legal Compliance: Stay in compliance with FTC regulations by generating clear and concise affiliate marketing disclosures.
  • Boost Trust: Build trust with your audience by openly disclosing your affiliate relationships and promoting transparency.
  • Time Efficiency: Save time by using our user-friendly tool to generate customized affiliate disclaimer in seconds.

How Our Affiliate Disclosure Generator Works

  1. Provide Your Information: Fill in the required details, such as your website name, your website url and email address.
  2. Generate Disclosure: Click the “Generate Disclosure” button, and our tool will create a ready-to-use affiliate disclosure.
  3. Add Affiliate Disclaimer: After generating the Affiliate Disclosure from our free affiliate disclosure generator, you can simply copy and paste it into your website.

How to add our Affiliate Disclosure to WordPress Website

  1. Generate Affiliate disclosure using our Free Affiliate Disclosure Generator
  2. Login to your WordPress dashboard (if using WordPress) or Log in to the backend of your website if any other platform
  3. Create a new page and give it a title Affiliate disclosure
  4. Copy and paste the Affiliate disclosure from our tool into your page

Where to add Short Disclosure Notice in Website

You can add the Affiliate Disclosure Notice in the footer or before post content of your Website

Key Features of Our Free Affiliate Disclosure Generator:

  • Customized Disclosures: Tailor the generated disclosure to your specific affiliate relationships and website details.
  • FTC Compliance: Ensure your disclosures meet Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines to avoid legal issues.
  • Transparency: Promote transparency and build trust with your audience by openly disclosing your affiliate relationships.

Build Trust For Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy:

In the competitive world of affiliate marketing, trust and transparency are invaluable. Our free Affiliate Disclaimer Generator simplifies the process of creating clear, FTC-compliant disclosures, enabling you to enhance transparency and boost the credibility of your affiliate marketing efforts.

Begin generating affiliate disclosures now, and ensure your affiliate marketing strategy is both legally sound and transparent.

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