Fill in the details to generate Comment Policy

What is Comment Policy Generator?

Comment Policy Generator is an online tool to create comment policy for your website to let your readers know how to keep your website’s environment friendly and spam free. Online Comment Policy Generator creates a basic comment policy that can fit any kind of website on the web. Anyone can use our Online Comment Policy Generator for free.

Why to add comment policy to your website?

Add Comment Policy to website gives you less spam comments because the users know if they (spammers) do not follow your comment policy, their comments will end up in spam or trash folder and their is no use of commenting. Comment Policy maintains the good environment in the discussion area .

How to generate Comment Policy?

Our Free Online Comment Policy Generator is very easy to use, you just need to fill 3 fields in the comment policy generator form and hit the generate button. Read the instructions below:

  1. Fill the Comment Policy Generator form fields, Company NameWebsite URL and Company Email Address.
  2. Click on Generate button.
  3. Your Comment Policy will be generated.
  4. Click on Copy to Clipboard button.
  5. Go to your WordPress dashboard and Create a new page
  6. Paste the copied Comment Policy on the new page
  7. Put title as Comment Policy
  8. Publish the page